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May 2018
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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra discusses his new film that is in development about men who are experiencing domestic abuse from the other side - women who abuse men. He gives an update on the Indiegogo campaign and what's next for the movie What About The Men? 

The interview today is with Jared Easley of Starve the Doubts podcast and co-founder of Podcast Movement - the largest conference in the world for podcasters.

In this episode we discuss the new book by Jared and his co-host Kimanzi Constable "Stop Chasing Influencers" and their Kickstarter campaign. The book is a motivational handbook for anyone that wants to make changes in their life.


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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 ! Just a quick message and song to keep you going through the rough times.

Feel free to email me at

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Men's Family Law - Today we're talking about an IndieGoGO crowdfunding campaign for What About The Men? Exploring the Hidden Side of Domestic Violence the documentary that we're doing to raise awareness of male survivors of domestic violence.


Then our guest today is RK Hendrick from Protection For Men, he's a retired lawyer, judge and a vocal men's rights advocate. Author of the book "How to Avoid Getting Screwed when Gettting Laid." Availalble on

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This is the trailer for the documentary What About the Men? Exploring the Hidden Side of Domestic Violence. 

We have a crowd funding campaign going on over at and we'd love to have  your support. We have some great perks like MFL official condoms, you can get the A Man's Guide.... series of books as a set. Plus there's MOVIE CREDITS to be had! 


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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra discusses parental alienation, what it is, the causes and how to deal with it in court.


I interview Dr. Amy J.L. Baker this week about the topic and we discuss her new novel that is entered into a writing competition on KindleScout.


Amy is an expert on Parental Alienation regularly speaks across the country and is available for coaching if you are having alienation happening in your life with your children.


Find out more about her here: she is availble for phone consultation across the country.


Her latest book, the novel The Misery Checklist is in a KindleScout competition and you can read the first 2 1/2 chapters here:


Please go read her book and nominate it by 5/27/15.

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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra discusses his new film that is in development about men who are experiencing domestic abuse from the other side - women who abuse men.


The interview today is with Ram Goetz, producer of the movie BLAME from Elementum Entertainment on what drew him to the movie, how domestic violence affects relationships and develops, and a funny on set story about what actors go through to get ready for a role.


View the BLAME trailer at 

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Today's episode is about why men stay in abusive relationships - turns out the reasons are the same as why women stay in abusive relationships - there's 13 main reasons and I go over them today.


Then we hear from Dr. Richard Gelles a professor at University of Pennsylvania who is the Dean of the School of Social Policy and Practice, and the Raymonmd Welsh Chair o f Child Welfare and Family Violence in the School of Social Policy and Practice. Dr. Gelles is the author of 24 books and over 100 articles. 


His insights are amazing and this was a great interview. 

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This week we discuss the dreaded moveaways when mom takes the kids to another state or country.


Then we have a chat with Robert Nickell from Daddy & Co, and My Life As A Dad webseries. Daddy Nickell is an father twice over, an entrepreneur and web host who comes on to share his experiences with having his children move to another state and how being a second time dad is different. 


We talk about the benefits of a second family and what he's doing differently this time around.


For new dads who want to feel more a part of the process, he created a clothing line of medical scrubs that you can get here that are emblazoned with "I'm the Daddy" so the medical personnel know who you are. I think it makes a great gift idea for your buddies who are becoming dads. He's also go daddy diaper bags and a health and skin care line of products you should be sure to check out. 

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Men's Family Law - This week David Pisarra explains how sex, no fault divorce, and the bible all factor in to your divorce or child custody case.  Then it's all about polyamory, swinging and rebuilding your sex life after a divorce.


The interview this week is Cooper Beckett from Life On The Swingset podcast and author of My Life On The Swingset, soon to be an audiobook.


Today we discuss polyamory, open relationships, swinging and how to have fun and enjoy your sexual relationships more. 


Cooper reads a chapter from his book on what divorce means to him and how it was a positive life change for his family.

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Men's Family Law -  This week we're talking drugs, alcohol and criminal behaviors. And dose of Travis Alexander and that psycho Jodi Arias, with Darren Kavinoky of and Deadly Sins from Investigation Discovery channel.


But first I have an open letter of support to Erik Walden of the Indianapolis Colts after his ex-girlfriend and babymama attacked him and his current girlfriend with a knife, a gun and a bat.  She broke into his home and lay in wait for the couple to attack them. 

Erik is now a Domestic Violence Abuse Survivor and so is his current girlfriend and we as men should stand in support of them because we want men like him to speak up and be points of light to others.


In speaking with Darren Kavinoky we have several websites for your information:


You can reach Darren at 800-NoCuffs or his website



Next week we have Cooper Beckett from LIfe on the Swingset podcast talking about polyamory, swinging and how to have a better sex life.

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