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Men's Family Law Podcast

Mar 25, 2014

Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra explains the most important things fathers need to know about Child Custody and the strategy of getting the most time with their child.

In this episode the "standard dad custody" schedule is covered. What is it? and how to get more time with your kids. Is 4 days a month really enough to be a dad? 

Kalani Vale, a single dad with twins talks about his experiences and the book he wrote, "Super Hero, Single Dad" and why it matters to fathers.  You can get the book at his website,

If you're trying to figure out how to get back on the dating scene after a long time, maybe dance lessons are the ticket. The Dance Doctor John Cassese chats with David Pisarra about why dance lessons are a good form of exercise and a great way to meet women when you're still feeling the sting of that last breakup. His website is