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Men's Family Law Podcast

Feb 16, 2015

Men's Family Law -  This episode talks about Domestic Abuse and how men don't recognize that they are victims or targets as often as they should.


The article "HOW THE WELL MEANING SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS FUMBLED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" was written by David Pisarra and published on David reads this article for you today, it's a 750 word essay that discusses what men need to know about domestic violence.


Daniel Crespo was the mayor of Bell Gardens  when on September 30, 2014 the eve of the National Domestic Violence awareness month, his wife, Lyvette Crespo put three bullets in close proximity to each other in his chest. She claims he was an abusive cheater and it was self-defense. Which is odd considering he was fighting with their 19 year old son. Attorney James Deavitt, of is representing Daniel Crespo's mother and brother in a wrongful death lawsuit against Lyvette Crespo.