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Men's Family Law Podcast

Mar 23, 2015

Men's Family Law -  This week we're talking drugs, alcohol and criminal behaviors. And dose of Travis Alexander and that psycho Jodi Arias, with Darren Kavinoky of and Deadly Sins from Investigation Discovery channel.


But first I have an open letter of support to Erik Walden of the Indianapolis Colts after his ex-girlfriend and babymama attacked him and his current girlfriend with a knife, a gun and a bat.  She broke into his home and lay in wait for the couple to attack them. 

Erik is now a Domestic Violence Abuse Survivor and so is his current girlfriend and we as men should stand in support of them because we want men like him to speak up and be points of light to others.


In speaking with Darren Kavinoky we have several websites for your information:


You can reach Darren at 800-NoCuffs or his website



Next week we have Cooper Beckett from LIfe on the Swingset podcast talking about polyamory, swinging and how to have a better sex life.