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Men's Family Law Podcast

May 5, 2016

This podcast deals with test tube babies and how to have a kid without a woman - yes it's possible.

Men are starting to consider ways to be a father without the trials and tribulations of finding the 'right woman' and these days, it's possible if you have the funds to be a dad without a woman, at least beyond the pregnancy part. Nicholas Berggruen is a billionaire and he did what I've been saying for years. So has Ricky Martin, Neil Patrick Harris and a host of other men who wanted the fatherhood experience, without the family court experience.


I speak with embryologist Julia Van Reeven about what In Vitro Fertilization is, and what's going on in the world of designer babies.


This episode arose out of a case in California where a married couple fertilized eggs, knowing that the wife had cancer and had limited fertility. Then they headed to divorce court, find out what happens on this episode of the Men's Family Law podcast.