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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 ! Just a quick message and song to keep you going through the rough times.

Feel free to email me at

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Men's Family Law - Today we're talking about an IndieGoGO crowdfunding campaign for What About The Men? Exploring the Hidden Side of Domestic Violence the documentary that we're doing to raise awareness of male survivors of domestic violence.


Then our guest today is RK Hendrick from Protection For Men, he's a retired lawyer, judge and a vocal men's rights advocate. Author of the book "How to Avoid Getting Screwed when Gettting Laid." Availalble on

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This is the trailer for the documentary What About the Men? Exploring the Hidden Side of Domestic Violence. 

We have a crowd funding campaign going on over at and we'd love to have  your support. We have some great perks like MFL official condoms, you can get the A Man's Guide.... series of books as a set. Plus there's MOVIE CREDITS to be had! 


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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra discusses parental alienation, what it is, the causes and how to deal with it in court.


I interview Dr. Amy J.L. Baker this week about the topic and we discuss her new novel that is entered into a writing competition on KindleScout.


Amy is an expert on Parental Alienation regularly speaks across the country and is available for coaching if you are having alienation happening in your life with your children.


Find out more about her here: she is availble for phone consultation across the country.


Her latest book, the novel The Misery Checklist is in a KindleScout competition and you can read the first 2 1/2 chapters here:


Please go read her book and nominate it by 5/27/15.

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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra discusses his new film that is in development about men who are experiencing domestic abuse from the other side - women who abuse men.


The interview today is with Ram Goetz, producer of the movie BLAME from Elementum Entertainment on what drew him to the movie, how domestic violence affects relationships and develops, and a funny on set story about what actors go through to get ready for a role.


View the BLAME trailer at 

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Today's episode is about why men stay in abusive relationships - turns out the reasons are the same as why women stay in abusive relationships - there's 13 main reasons and I go over them today.


Then we hear from Dr. Richard Gelles a professor at University of Pennsylvania who is the Dean of the School of Social Policy and Practice, and the Raymonmd Welsh Chair o f Child Welfare and Family Violence in the School of Social Policy and Practice. Dr. Gelles is the author of 24 books and over 100 articles. 


His insights are amazing and this was a great interview. 

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This week we discuss the dreaded moveaways when mom takes the kids to another state or country.


Then we have a chat with Robert Nickell from Daddy & Co, and My Life As A Dad webseries. Daddy Nickell is an father twice over, an entrepreneur and web host who comes on to share his experiences with having his children move to another state and how being a second time dad is different. 


We talk about the benefits of a second family and what he's doing differently this time around.


For new dads who want to feel more a part of the process, he created a clothing line of medical scrubs that you can get here that are emblazoned with "I'm the Daddy" so the medical personnel know who you are. I think it makes a great gift idea for your buddies who are becoming dads. He's also go daddy diaper bags and a health and skin care line of products you should be sure to check out. 

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Men's Family Law - This week David Pisarra explains how sex, no fault divorce, and the bible all factor in to your divorce or child custody case.  Then it's all about polyamory, swinging and rebuilding your sex life after a divorce.


The interview this week is Cooper Beckett from Life On The Swingset podcast and author of My Life On The Swingset, soon to be an audiobook.


Today we discuss polyamory, open relationships, swinging and how to have fun and enjoy your sexual relationships more. 


Cooper reads a chapter from his book on what divorce means to him and how it was a positive life change for his family.

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Men's Family Law -  This week we're talking drugs, alcohol and criminal behaviors. And dose of Travis Alexander and that psycho Jodi Arias, with Darren Kavinoky of and Deadly Sins from Investigation Discovery channel.


But first I have an open letter of support to Erik Walden of the Indianapolis Colts after his ex-girlfriend and babymama attacked him and his current girlfriend with a knife, a gun and a bat.  She broke into his home and lay in wait for the couple to attack them. 

Erik is now a Domestic Violence Abuse Survivor and so is his current girlfriend and we as men should stand in support of them because we want men like him to speak up and be points of light to others.


In speaking with Darren Kavinoky we have several websites for your information:


You can reach Darren at 800-NoCuffs or his website



Next week we have Cooper Beckett from LIfe on the Swingset podcast talking about polyamory, swinging and how to have a better sex life.

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This short video is just a promo of what my course is like. The course is for people who have NO KIDS and are generally getting along and just want to get back to being single.

I explain what forms are needed to start, and complete a divorce in California. I explain why the needs each of them and what they do. 

The course is availble here:

Podcast listeners can get a discounted price of $20 by emailing me for a coupon code. Send me an email at:  DAVID@MENSFAMILYLAW.COM and I'll send you the coupon code.

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Men's Family Law - The show this week has information on a do it yourself divorce course offered by David Pisarra on YOUTUBE.COM


Today's interview is with Michael Volpe who is the author of  BULLIED TO DEATH - THE CHRIS MACKNEY STORY. A tale involving a decades old murder, lawyers, a celebrity jewelry designer named Dina Mackney and has a weird connection to Woody Harrelson's deceased father. 


Chris was put through the wringer by his ex-wife, the judicial system and in this super high conflict divorce, he had little chance of coming out of it with any shred of his former life.

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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra explains how to get a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) and the basic forms needed. 


In today's show, we speak with John Hamel, Editor of Partner Abuse Journal on how often men are targets of abuse, and what it does to the children to live in an abusive home, and how it effects men. We bag on bad lawyers and judges, and talk about what you need to know to protect yourself.


Check out this website for more great information:


Can a DVRO help me?


Request for DVRO:


Description of Abuse:


Request for Custody and Visitation orders:


Request for No Travel:


Notice of Court Hearing:


Temporary Restraining Order:


Proof of Service:


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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra explains physical and psychological abuse so that men can understand and recognize it more accurately. Taking definitions straight from the CDC's National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey of 2010 he explains what psychological abuse is, and gives concrete examples.


The report is available here: NATIONAL INTIMATE PARTNER REPORT


Today's interview is with Philip W. Cook, author of Abused Men - The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence, and When Women Sexually Abuse Men.

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This is an opinon piece I wrote that no editor wants to run, so I'm just going to distribute it myself.


I call out Senator Dianne Feinstein for her deafening silence on the issue of female on male abuse. Considering she was front and center when it was Ray Rice hitting Janay, I just think it fair that she should stand up when a woman hits a man. 

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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra talks with Chris Anderson of the website about how men who have been abused, sexually or traumatized, can identify themselves and then seek help. 


This is a far ranging conversation dealing with sex and sexuality, with how humans have historically handled sexual exploration  and what we as a society are doing to develop a healthy sexuality while avoiding traumatizing behaviors.


We talk about how likely is a victim to become an abuser and the "Vampire Myth" of abuse as it pertains to men.


Today's conversation may be uncomfortable some people who have been abused or traumatized. 

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Men's Family Law -  This episode talks about Domestic Abuse and how men don't recognize that they are victims or targets as often as they should.


The article "HOW THE WELL MEANING SUPERBOWL COMMERCIALS FUMBLED DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" was written by David Pisarra and published on David reads this article for you today, it's a 750 word essay that discusses what men need to know about domestic violence.


Daniel Crespo was the mayor of Bell Gardens  when on September 30, 2014 the eve of the National Domestic Violence awareness month, his wife, Lyvette Crespo put three bullets in close proximity to each other in his chest. She claims he was an abusive cheater and it was self-defense. Which is odd considering he was fighting with their 19 year old son. Attorney James Deavitt, of is representing Daniel Crespo's mother and brother in a wrongful death lawsuit against Lyvette Crespo. 


A special Valentine's Day reading of "To A Friend On His Divorce" by Josh Max. This piece originally was published in the New York Times on February 13, 2015. 


It's a bittersweet and hopeful piece for men who are feeling alone or hurting on this Valentine's Day. 


Just hold on, it does get better.



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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra explains the most important things fathers need to know about  talking to the judge about your Child Custody and the best strategy for  getting the most time with their child.


In this episode, David explains how telling the judge your WHY impacts your ability to get what you want from a judge, and the biggest mistake most men make in asking for more time with their children. 


We talk with Pat Williams from the Orlando Magic about his experiences as a leader in his family of 19 children, and in building teams throughout his career in professional sports.

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Men's Family Law - Nationally recognized Father's Rights expert David Pisarra explains the three most important things fathers need to know about Child Custody and the strategy for getting the most time with their child.


This week I explain what forms are needed to get a hearing for a child custody plan, what you should put in your declaration to make the judge want to give you the time you need with your children. I give tips on  how to fill out the fl-150 the income and expense declaration and create a Profit and Loss statement if you're self-employed.


I speak with Dr. Carol Hirshfield about the difference between Parental Alienation Syndrome and Parental Alienation. We talk about what Reunification Therapy is and why she thinks it should be called Famiy Therapy. We explore why some kids might be more attached to one parent than the other, and why that is not a bad thing always.

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This week we talk about why filing a court case is crucial to protecting your rights as a father, even if the baby isn't born yet. I explain briefly what forms you need to file and how to take control of what is often a situation that feels out of your control.


In our interview segment we talk to Paul Raeburn, author of "Do Fathers Matter?  What Science Is Telling Us About the Parent We've Overlooked." His book is available on Amazon and

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Today's show will make you Educated, Empowered and Entertained - and that's our goal with every show.  


In this episode David Pisarra talks about how being honest with your lawyer is crucial to setting yourself up for success in a divorce or child custody case.


In this week's interview DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE comes on to talk about his experiences with the USO in Iraq and Afghanistan, how he developed his DDP YOGA and why it is crucial for men to get honest with themselves in order to get healthier.


We discuss Arthur, one of the greatest turnaroundstories of health and fitness in American history. If you haven't seen the video of Arthur's transformation thanks to DDP Yoga, you can watch it here:

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