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Men's Family Law Podcast

Jan 26, 2021

Today I spoke with CRAIG PERRA from He's helping men who have sex addiction and porn viewing habits recover their lives and control their sexuality in healthy ways.

Jan 20, 2021

In this episode I chat with Mark Santiago of about what go through emotionally in a divorce/ child custody battle. He shares his story of what he faced, and how he's now turned that into a way to help the over 2,000,000 men each year that are facing the same hell. 

I also discuss my new product to...

Jan 15, 2021

If you're facing a court hearing, whether it's a divorce or a child custody case, you need to be prepared to speak to a judge. In this episode I share the two reasons people hire lawyers, and share some tips on how to prepare if you're going to be self-represented. 

Jan 3, 2021

In today's episode some guidance for those people who are looking to represent themselves in court, but still need to meet with a lawyer to get some feedback and direction. How to maximize the time, and avoid the "fluff" that lawyers, honestly, don't care about.

PLUS, the book that everyone who is going to...

Jan 2, 2021

If you've just been served with a Domestic Violence Restraining Order (DVRO) and/or Divorce Petition - this is the episode you need to listen to IMMEDIATELY!